There has always been a misconception that being an entrepreneur is the hardest job in the world… which in all honesty is true to a certain extent. The mere thought of business plans, paperwork, endless meeting and the early bird to night owl routine are sure to dampen a few entrepreneurial spirits. Some would say it is a daunting task whereas the select few thrive for such challenges. If you are among the select few that want to challenge themselves, climb the business ladder and become a household name whilst making a hefty profit then the following few weeks are meant for you. As FMG Media house it is our drive to “Nurture Your Brand from Inception to Adulthood” and help you get from start up to having a stronghold in the respective market.

businessWe shall be looking at how you can conceive an idea that will not only be relevant to the current times but also become a solution that will in turn help thousands if not millions or even billions (that right there is the power of positivity and in order to succeed you would need a lot of it). The average entrepreneur would pay hefty amounts of money for this information or spend a year at least in a local college whereas you can get this series at the cost of liking our FACEBOOK page, subscribing to our YOUTUBE channel visiting our website regularly to check on the latest updates and telling a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend….this has to be the best deal on the market right now.

The series comprises of processes that we feel as an entrepreneur you should grasp and follow in order to have a sustainable profit making business. The processes we are going to touch on include :

  • Evaluation of one’s self : A brief analysis on who you are and what you have to offer.
  • Brainstorming a business idea
  • The elephant in the room (Market Research)
  • Raising capital to start and finance your business…among many others.

There will also be some bonus topics like “Writing a business plan” and “Team recruitment” which are sure to elevate your startup to the heights that you desire it to be. So tune into our blog every Tuesday and Friday to follow our series and get all the right tools you need to have a successful business launch and also don’t forget to like our FACEBOOK page and subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel for all the latest updates.